Hello, I am a guitar/ukulele teacher based on the Bedfordshire / Hertfordshire borders, between Hitchin and Bedford. I teach acoustic guitar electric guitar and ukulele

I teach private lessons from my home studio and regularly play in a 3 piece guitar based covers group and a 5 piece Ukulele group in both cases I play and sing. I also compose backing tracks for live performance and other tracks to provide backing for lesson pieces.


My lessons are designed to get you playing and enjoying the instrument from the first day. There will be some basics to master at first but you will quickly learn by playing real songs, riffs and phrases that inspire and motivate you. I am very flexible so you can learn for fun or, if you prefer, you can work towards achieving grades in electric or acoustic guitar. Either way the important thing is to enjoy playing to the best of your ability. Lesson times will depend on experience and usually start at 30 mins for young beginners or 45 mins for adult beginners increasing to 1 hour for intermediate and experienced players.


Ukulele is a reasonably easy instrument to learn and cheap to buy and very rewarding as you will quickly be able to play simple tunes and rhythms. Lesson times for Ukuleles can start at 30 minutes making it a cost effective instrument to learn.

Whichever instrument you choose, it’s my job to make it interesting and fun. I teach adults of all ages and so whether you are a beginner or an improver its never too late to get involved in music. You may not even have an instrument at first but just want to discover what its like in which case you can try the instruments I have in the first lesson and then with a bit more insight buy your own. I can help you choose if you feel unsure about it.

Holiday Coaching

For students who are taught at school but don't have access to lessons in holiday times, particularly summer holidays, I offer extra coaching. The lessons continue with any syllabus work already in progress or alternatively I can create some new music and ideas to work on. Lesson times can be morning or afternoon to suit holiday timetables and can vary week to week.

Registered Guitar Tutor at London College of Music

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